ClubRunner Bulletin History

Originally, bulletin's in ClubRunner where a single page that you could update, add content to, and send out to your membership. It was fairly easy, but it also had its downsides.

  • You could only have one Bulletin at a time.
  • You had to manually archive your content.

Starting with v3 of the ClubRunner bulletin system, we had started to allow multiple Bulletins at the same time and Bulletin archival. Each Bulletin could be completely different and unique from each other with its own content. Bulletins could now also be archived, allowing the club to maintain their Bulletin history in ClubRunner much more easily.

The New Bulletin system allowed clubs to drastically expand on how their bulletin's looked, but in some cases the ease of use had declined.

In order to make it easier to use, we have created the new Bulletin Wizard.

What is a Bulletin Wizard

The Bulletin Wizard is our guided tour through the Bulletin system. It leads you through each step of the process, with the ability to navigate easily through the different steps. Its goal is to make it easier for Bulletin Editors to quickly create and send their Bulletin's to their target audience.

What is the Classic Bulletin Designer

The Classic Bulletin designer is the original ClubRunner v3 Bulletin system. It does not guide you through the steps. It some cases if you are not familiar with how it works it can be difficult to use.

Which should I use?

If you are brand new to ClubRunner, or to the Bulletin system we recommend using the Bulletin Wizard. It should be easier to use than the current Classic Bulletin Designer. If you have feedback please send us a message and let us know.

If you are currently comfortable with your use of the Classic Bulletin designer you can continue to use it for the time being. We are still highly recommending that you give the new Bulletin Wizard a chance!

If you create a bulletin in the Bulletin Wizard you can edit it in the Classic Bulletin Designer and vice versa. You are not able to edit Preformatted Widgets in the Classic Bulletin Designer. They can only be edited in the Bulletin Wizard.