Change Log

We will track updates to our documentation here.

July 28 2017 (20170728)

  • Migrated documentation to new theme.
  • Minor updates for formatting related to new theme.

January 26 2017 (20170126)

  • Leadership, Minimalist, and Minimalist Compact are available for all ClubRunner accounts.
  • Rotary Leadership has been renamed to Leadership.
  • New color choices are available for Leadership like Cranberry
  • Updated the Themes page with more screenshots of our modern themes.

October 3 2016 (20161003)

  • Updated pages that referred to Predefined widgets, these are known as Preformatted widgets.

August 23 2016 (20160823)

  • Added information about displaying all emails or hiding test emails in the send history.
  • Changed image in the bulletin statistics to show more information.
  • Changed image in send history to show the send history page instead of the statistics.
  • Added and changed text in send history.

June 9 2016 (20160609)

  • The Updated Bulletin system is now in open beta.
  • We have updated several pages to provide better instructions on how to get into the new Bulletin system.
  • Some screenshots have been added for Themes to better showcase what they look like.

May 9 2016 (20160509)

  • FAQ has been added from the webinar.

May 2 2016 (20160502)

  • This is the first release of our new documentation.