What is the Bulletin Send History?

Bulletin List Page

The Bulletin send history page allows you to view the History of your sent Bulletins. It allows you to view the sent bulletins and to see the statistic of the emails that were sent. It can display all emails or hide test emails by clicking on the apparate tab.

The Stats allows you to track your Bulletin's statistics like Open, Delivery, and Bounce rates. You can also manage any email issue from the Stats page if you have the correct permissions.

For more information about bulletin statistic, please see the Bulletin Stats

How long do statistics take to show up for my Bulletin?

Depending on a large number of factors Bulletin stats should start to show up shortly after the Bulletin is delivered. If your stats are not generating in a timely manner, please contact support.

How can I address Email issues

For more information on how to address delivery issues, please see the Managing Email Issues page.