Managing Email Issues

Sometimes emails can become blocked in the mail system. There are a number of reasons why this may happen. It could be a full mailbox, incorrect email address, or other issues. If the member's email is on the blocked list ClubRunner will not send emails or bulletins to that member.


You need to be a level 30 - Site Administrator to be able to access email stats and Manage Blocked Emails.

How do I find out which emails are being blocked?

You can view the blocked emails by viewing each individual emails & bulletin's stats, and we also store a historic list of blocked emails under the Manage Blocked Emails Page.

To review and remove emails, please follow the steps as outlined below.

Step 1

Click on the Communication's tab, then on the blue bar below click on Manage Blocked Emails.

communications tab

Manage Blocked emails link

Step 2

Now that you are on the blocked emails page, you can view who is blocked and the reasons why.

List of Blocked Emails

Step 3

Clicking on the Unblock link will remove an email from the block list. This only removes the current block, and will not stop the member from showing back up on this list.

You can repeat this step as often as required until all of your blocked emails have been dealt with.

How do I stop user emails from being blocked?

If emails to a given address are still being blocked, the problem may exist at the member's end. They may need to add to their email software's contacts list, white list, or approved senders list.

The process required for this varies according to the email program they are using. As such, the user may need to contact their relevant software vendor for support.

Alternatively if the member is using a professional email address, they may need to contact their IT or Email Provider for further assistance.

Members Emails are still being Blocked

If the email address is still blocked, it may be a result of overly strict email filters on the part of the member's Internet Service Provider. Alternatively the members email address may be incorrect or no longer valid.

In this case, the member can make use of an alternate email account. Webmail services (such as Gmail, Live Mail or Yahoo! Mail) can provide your member with a free or low-cost email account.