Bulletin Statistics

Bulletin Stats Page

The Bulletin statistic page tracks each delivery to your recipients and provides general breakdown of information.

We will quickly cover each of the status types below.

Sent / Delivered

This means that our mail system was told by the receiving mail systems that the email was accepted without issue.


This means that the tracking image was downloaded in the email.

Blocked / Bounced / Spam

These status mean that the email was not delivered successfully. You can manage these email issues here.

How does tracking work

Our email tracking system embeds a small invisible graphic in every message. When an email is opened, this graphic is downloaded. Our tracking process can determine the individual download of each image by each email account, thus determining the open status of that message. Some email clients do not automatically download images. If an image has not been downloaded, we can still tell if an email has been delivered or not, based on the response from the user’s email server, however we may not be able to detect if that message was opened. We can also tell if there has been a problem with mail delivery, again based on information received from the user’s email server. We can accurately track your email traffic, and if an error occurs it will tend to underestimate the number of opened emails.

The image added to the image is a single pixel in size and uses a negligible amount of data. It does not add meaningfully to your bandwidth load, even if your organization is sending a high volume of email. If you have added graphics to your email, this will not count toward our count, as they are not being downloaded from the same location as our invisible open tracking image.