What does it mean to Archive a Bulletin?

Archiving Bulletins is arguably one of the most important aspects of the Bulletin process. If you do not take the time to archive your Bulletin, the copies that display on the website might be modified unintentionally when future Bulletin's are created.

How do I archive a Bulletin.

There are several ways to archive your Bulletin.

  • When sending your Bulletin out: you can choose to archive it right away in the sending options.
  • From the List of Bulletins: There is an Archive Bulletin link for each Active Bulletin.
  • From the Bulletin Card view page: You can hover over the Bulletin.

When should I archive a Bulletin

We recommend archiving a Bulletin as soon as you're fairly cretin you will not need to make any changes. We find an ideal time is right before you start work on your next Bulletin.

Can I edit Archived Bulletins

No, once a Bulletin is archived it is finalized. You can delete it, or change if it shows or not in the Bulletin list, and finally you can change if it requires a login.

Can I send Archived Bulletins

Yes. Bulletins can be sent or resent from the archive at any time.