What are Bulletins?

A bulletin is an effective tool in meeting the challenge of public relations and communication.

Creating a Bulletin

In order to be able to get a Bulletin out to your target audience you need to first create it. We'll cover the basic outline of how Bulletins are created in ClubRunner, regardless of which method you used to create your bulletin.

Step 1. Creating the Bulletin

Creating a Bulletin is going to be your first step. This is where you will pick the basics of your Bulletin.

Step 2. Designing the Bulletin

When you are "designing" the bulletin, you are picking its theme, and deciding where the content will be placed into the bulletin.

Step 3. Adding content to the Bulletin

After you have designed the bulletin, next comes choosing which content goes into it.

Step 4. Sending the Bulletin

Once you're finished adding content to your Bulletin, it is ready to send. You'll be able to pick who you want your Bulletin to be delivered to.

Step 5. Archiving the Bulletin

Archiving is arguably one of the most important steps. It will make sure your Bulletin is preserved in time exactly as it was sent out, and no further changes can be made to it.