Getting ready to send your Bulletin

This is the last step in sending out your Bulletin under our new Bulletin Wizard system. You will be able to select who will receive your Bulletin, when it goes out, and if it gets archived.

Selecting your Recipients

Before you can send out your Bulletin you must select at least one person to receive it. You can select any of the groups that you see as a whole, or select subgroups, or just specific individuals.

Recipient groups image

You can expand the different recipient groups by clicking on the blue plus icon blue plus icon. Expanding the groups show you any subgroup types.

single group expanded

Checking a sub-group type will allow you to select that entire list. You can select individual members by clicking the Expand List link.

Expand List Screenshot

Where do these groups come from?

The lists of groups you can send emails to are built from your ClubRunner Membership and Contacts databases.

Contact groups

Contact groups are pulled from your contacts database. Anyone who sign's up to be a Subscriber to your Bulletin will be placed in the Bulletin Subscriber contact group.

Why am I unable to select some recipients

Recipients may have opted out of the Bulletin email type, or may not have a valid email address in their profile or contact record. You can update their profile, or edit their contact record to adjust these settings.


If you hover over the checkbox that cannot be checked, it will show you the reason why you cannot choose that individual.

Bulletin Options

These are the individual options you can set that will take affect when the Bulletin it sent out.

Email Subject

This setting will control what members see in the Subject line of the Bulletin when it is delivered to their inbox. It defaults to the value you entered in the Bulletin properties, but can be customized each time before your Bulletin is sent out.

Archive Bulletin after sending

Archiving is an important part of the Bulletin process, it ensures that you will have a copy that cannot be accidentally modified. If you are positive you won't need to make further changes to the Bulletin we do recommend this setting. However you can manually archive a Bulletin later.

You can learn more about the Bulletin Archive process here.

Copy me on this Bulletin

This setting controls if you are sent a copy of the Bulletin regardless of being on the recipient list. If you are on the list you will only receive one copy.

When you want it to be sent

You can choose to have the Bulletin queued to be sent immediately upon clicking send, or have it scheduled for later on. You can cancel scheduled bulletin's as well.

Sending Now

The Bulletin will be processed and queued immediately for delivery.


You will be able to choose when the Bulletin is scheduled to be sent by picking a day, and time. The system will do its best to being devliery at this time


Scheduled bulletins can be canceled, but cannot be modified further prior to being sent out. Once you click send the current copy will be what is sent.

Sending the Bulletin

Once you have reviewed who you want your Bulletin delivered to, and all of the individual bulletin options, you can click on the Send button.

Bulletin Send Button

Sending to yourself

You can also quickly do another test send to yourself on this page like you could on the preview page.