Creating your Bulletin

The first step to creating your new Bulletin is to chose a Bulletin template. Bulletin templates are the starting point for your Bulletin. It allows you to pick from:

  • ClubRunner Created Templates
  • Blank Templates
  • My Templates

ClubRunner Created Templates

The ClubRunner Created Templates are a large assortment of templates to fit various needs and help you get started quickly.

Blank Templates

Blank Templates have only the most basic setup for themes and layouts already assigned to them. They offer a good starting point for you to deeply customize the templates.

My Templates

The My Templates are the templates you have created from previously sent bulletins. To learn more about templates please see the Bulletin Templates page.

Continuing to the Next Stage

You will pick the template you want by clicking on it's thumbnail preview.

Selected Image

After selecting your Template please click the Next button.

Create Bulletin Button with Plus Symbol


The Creation Step is the only step that you cannot go back to. If you want to pick from one of the templates again you will need to start over.