What are Bulletin groups

Bulletin groups allow you to organize your Bulletin's into different categories. Most users will not need more than one Bulletin group. You can have a maximum of X Bulletin groups.

Bulletin Group Settings

Group Name

The Bulletin Group name is what is displayed in the Administrative interface. This setting will not show up in the frontend or to the public.

Number of Bulletins to Show

This limits the number of Bulletins that show in the Bulletin list pages on the public website. Currently the maximum per group that can be shown is 12.

Visible on Website

This controls if the Bulletins contained in this Bulletin group will show on the website. If this is set to yes, any Bulletins in this group that are also set to Yes individually will also be shown. If those bulletin's are set to no, they will still be hidden.

Bulletin Greeting

The Bulletin greeting is shown typically near the top of a Bulletin, but may vary some per layout.

You can enter whatever text that you would like to be displayed in the greeting.

The greeting itself is not required and can be left blank.

Mail Merge Fields

There are three types of mail merge fields:

  • Recipient: These refer to the person who the Bulletin is delivered
  • Sender: These refer to the person sending the Bulletin
  • Account: These refer to the ClubRunner account that is sending the Bulletin.

Selecting a Mail Merge field will add it into your text box where the cursor is. You can also click add to add another if the Mail Merge field you want is already selected.

Nick Name mail merge fields.

Using the Nick Name mail merge is a special field that has a fall back. If a member has their Nick Name filled in we will use this, however if the Nick Name is not filled ClubRunner will use their First name instead.

As an Example, if a member had their name listed as:

First Name: James

Nick Name: Jim

Last Name: Smith

Using $NICK_NAME$ would display as Jim

However, if James did not have his nickname in, it would display as James.