What are Widgets?

Widgets are used throughout ClubRunner's Home Page, Custom Pages, and Bulletins. Your level of control will vary depending on which type of widget it is. There are three different types of widgets in ClubRunner.

Automatic Widgets

Automatic Widgets automatically pull content from your data in the system. You only have very basic control over the data that they pull out of the system. Examples would be the Upcoming Events, and Birthdays and Anniversaries widget. In the upcoming Events widget, you can tell the widget to only pull 5 events, and only over the next 2 months. However you cannot tell it only to pick Events A & D and not B & C.

Manual Widgets

Manual Widgets require you to define which content they should show or include. By contrast of the Automatic Widgets, you pick exactly which data you want the Manual Widgets to show, and they only show that. Examples are the Stories, Links, and Downloads widgets.

Custom Widgets

Custom Widgets are for when you want complete and total control over the content of the data in the widgets. They are good for entering custom text or html content.

Preformatted Widgets

Preformatted Widgets are new to the ClubRunner bulletin system. They contain per-arranged areas to add content directly to. They are half way between Manual and Automatic Widgets. Their features are already defined, so you can only add what is allowed to be added in the widget. But they do require manual input to have their content added while using them in a Bulletin page.